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Now Shipping All New Updated Vitamin C, Glutathione, and CoQ10

Vida Life Science is happy to announce we are now shipping all new Aurora Liposomal Vitamin C, Glutathione, and CoQ10 In our effort to being the very best products available to the market we have improved booth our formulation and packaging.


Our new formula is improved in the following ways:

  • Now 100% Potassium Sorbate Free
  • New Improved Taste
  • All-Natural Sweeteners
  • New Improved Packaging

We now have the best tasting liposomal supplements in the market eliminating a common complaint about liposomal products.

Our new packaging insures excellent shelf life and easy dispensing of the proper amount for daily use.

What has not changed is our advanced liposomal delivery system that delivers up to 90% the nutrient to the blood stream, that’s up to 5 times as powerful as conventional supplements!

In addition, our 3000 mg mega dose Vitamin C supplement delivers up to 15 times more Vitamin C to the bloodstream then a typical 1000 Vitamin C in pill form.

Aurora & Vida Lifescience, For the very best in Liposomal Supplements.