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Liposomal Vitamin C and Treatment of Lyme Disease

Vitamin C has already been extensively and unequivocally documented to readily and treat cure a wide range of infectious diseases, including many viral syndromes considered difficult to treat. In reviewing a great amount of this information, it becomes apparent that for most infectious diseases, especially viral ones, the only clinical failures of vitamin C appear to occur when a large enough amount of vitamin C cannot be effectively delivered to the invading microorganisms.

One major benefit of Vitamin C has on the body is to enhance immune function. At the very least, in times of physical or emotional stress a weakened immune system predisposes our body to the grips of infection of the infection like flu, colds and pneumonia. Lyme disease typically stresses the immune systems to extreme levels. For the same reason the Vitamin C is effective helping the body fight infections from Cold and flus, it at least, seems consistent that Vitamin C can be part of an effective treatment of Lyme disease. Lyme disease attacks the immune system and thus it makes sense that any treatment that helps build back the body’s immune system is worth noting.

Aurora Nutrascience new Liposomal Vitamin C now enables users to deliver effective high oral dosages of Vitamin C. One daily dose provides 3000 mg of Vitamin C in Liposomal form. This equates to as much as 30,000 or a full 3 grams of Vitamin C taken in conventional pill form.

Aurora Nutrascience specializes in liposomal technology which delivers up to 90% of the vitamin to the bloodstream, all without gastric discomfort. This technology delivers up to 9Xs the nutrient to the bloodstream versus a pill form. Liposomal also allows users to get high dosage treatments as an alternative to expensive IV delivery options.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence on the benefits of high dosage Vitamin C in the treatment of Lyme disease. If you suffer from Lyme disease Aurora Nutrascience new liposomal Vitamin C can be welcome addition to your treatment protocol.