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Liposomal Versus Pill Form Supplements

Aurora Nutrascience is now producing the Industries best Liposomal supplements in the market. Liposomal based supplements is a new technology garnering lots of attention in the highly competitive world of health and nutrition products.

Liposomal is a delivery technology that attacks 2 of the most obvious issues health oriented problems consumers face when taking supplements. These are Bioavailability and Gastric Distress.


Bioavailability is a simple term that simply describes how much of the supplement actually enters into the bloodstream. Most consumers who take pill form vitamins understand that in the pill form much of the actual supplement passes the body unused. With typical pill form supplements only 10-20% of the actual vitamin enters the bloodstream. This mean 80-90% of the vitamin is lost! Compare the difference in the example below

1 SERVING LIPOSOMAL = 3000mg of Vitamin C
1 PILL = 2000 mg = 200 mg actual of the Vitamin available to the body

A consumer would need to take 15 high dosage pills to equal a single dose of Aurora Liposomal Vitamin C!