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Glutathione and Diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic affecting up to 10% of all Americans and growing. It is estimated up to an astonishing 80 million Americans are pre-diabetic. Cost and burden on the health care system is also exploding.

How Diabetes Affects the Body

Diabetes is brought on by one of two things. Either the pancreas is not producing enough insulin, which is essential for the regulation of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Or the body’s cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced, meaning the body is insulin resistant. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common by far, accounting for approximately 90% of all diagnosis. This particular type of Diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance.

Without adequate insulin, it’s not possible for the body to convert glucose in the blood into energy for our cells. Diabetes is the leading cause of numerous health problems from blindness to kidney failure. The vast majority of amputations are also brought on by this heinous condition.

Kidney failure, blindness and amputations are only the start though, because diabetics are at a much greater risk of infection and disease, often shortening their lifespan severely. This is because diabetics have a much lower Glutathione level than normal, and “normal” levels are often much too low due to pollutants and diet.

Glutathione and Diabetes

Diabetes causes a significant decrease in the precursors needed to synthesize Glutathione in the body. Namely cysteine and glycine. Patients with uncontrolled type 2 Diabetes universally tend to have a have a severe Glutathione deficiency. Glutathione is not only important for Diabetics to supplement, it is vital for a long and healthy life regardless of your health situation.

The ability of a cell to resist the damage caused by oxidative stress is determined by the capacity of an array of antioxidants. The most abundant and important of these defenses is Glutathione. Found in every living cell on the planet, Glutathione is critical to rid our cells of harmful toxins and heavy metals. Healing the damaged cells and helping prevent disease, cancers, neurological disorders and even helping to reverse the aging process.

Glutathione Benefits for Diabetics

The following list details the potential benefits some of the countless health benefits of Glutathione. They target problems that are often associated with Diabetes, but they can be translated to anyone regardless of their health.

Glutathione Helps with Weight Management

Diabetics often suffer from excessive weight gain and a difficulty shedding that weight. Obesity is also a contributing factor to the development of type 2 Diabetes.

Glutathione can help prevent the accumulation of oxidative fats in the blood cells. Improving cellular metabolism and properly dispose of excess fat cells or burn them up as energy as oppose to storing them in the body.

Glutathione Increases Energy Levels

By improving the health of our cells, Glutathione improves our cellular energy production immensely. Low energy is a very common symptom among Diabetics, because their cellular energy production is severely limited due to this toxic buildup. This is the cause of shortness of breath after even the simplest tasks, general lethargy and the constant feeling of tiredness regardless of sleep.

Glutathione Strengthens the Immune System

The buildup of toxins in the body taxes our immune function hugely. Our body becomes vulnerable to exogenous invaders, infections and disease because it is preoccupied with the severe toxicity of its own cells. Hampering the immune function and limiting the immune response.

Diabetics are far more vulnerable to infection and disease because of this immune handicap. GSH can detoxify these cells and restore the immune function. It is the single most important antioxidant to enhance immune function and fight off exogenous toxins.


If you suffer from diabetes or have a loved one who does, Glutathione can be a great supplement helping combat the disease. Aurora Liposomal Glutathione is the most efficient and powerful way to maximize your dosage. It delivers a powerful 750mg dose. Because Liposomal supplements deliver up to 90% of their dose to the bloodstream, a single dose of Aurora Liposomal Glutathione is up to 20x STRONGER then pill form supplements!