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Aurora Products Featured In Natwest Expo Show Review

Aurora Liposomal Mega Dose Vitamin C, Glutathione and CoQ10 products are featured in a recent article in the New Hope 360 digital newsletter, featuring products displayed at the recent Natural West Expo held in Anaheim, CA. The review focused on the high absorption rates and benefits of Liposomal technology.

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Article Excerpt:


The thing about nutrients is that they don’t amount to much if they can’t get absorbed into the system. Liposomal delivery systems are composed of a bilayer of phospholipids (what makes krill better absorbed than fish oil) that enrobe nutrients and effectively bypass the acidic GI tract to deliver nutrients to the bloodstream, cells and tissues. Vitamin C tablets, for instance, are absorbed at only about 12 percent, but when delivered in a liposomal format can get to nearly 100 percent absorbed – about what you get when vitamin C is administered intravenously as with Myers cocktails. CoQ10 also has notoriously low absorption rates. Vida Lifescience has three liposomal liquids: a vitamin C, glutathione and coQ10. In the case of coQ10, the company asserts that up to 13 times the effective dose is delivered in a liquid shot compared to coQ10 gelcaps. Pretty revolutionary.

Too many pills and capsules have led to the rise of so-called “pill fatigue,” while fortified and functional foods don’t quite deliver a functional benefit. That leaves a market opportunity for alternative delivery formats – gummies, powders, beverages and more. It’s a rising niche and companies are innovating within this space to meet consumer demand. Already we see the gummies category growing at a clip north of 30 percent this past year. The greens category of nutritional powders grew more than 70 percent last year. What products are meeting this need? We trolled the show floor at Natural Products Expo West and found these eight products to entice consumers.