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The Science

What is a Liposome?

The name Liposome is derived from the Greek words 'Lipos' meaning fat and 'Soma' meaning body. Structurally, liposomes may be unilamellar, having one lipid bilayer membrane, or multilamellar, having two or more concentrically arranged bilayers vesicles in which an aqueous nutrient containing volume is entirely enclosed. In our products, these liposomes are composed of 100% NON-GMO soy lecithin based phospholipids. Liposomes have the unique capability to transport both hydrophobic and hydrophilic nutrient molecules into the human body. In this process, the lipid bilayer carries with it the potential to process and disperse into the bloodstream via the liver while fusing with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, thus delivering the liposome encased contents to the target. The key to this successful transition is related to the size and stability of the phospholipids and their ability to transition successfully through the digestive processes and enzymes that normally degrade or limit its absorption. In addition to exceptional absorption rates, phospholipid nanospheres also exhibit the potential to deposit their nutrient laden cargo intra-cellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of therapeutic compounds.

The Science of Liposome Construction

The lipid molecules are phospholipids- amphipathic moieties with a hydrophilic water-soluble head group and two hydrophobic oil-soluble tails.

Structure of Liposome

In aqueous media they align themselves closely in planer bilayer sheets in order to minimize the unfavorable action between the bulk aqueous phase & long hydrocarbon fatty acid chain face each other. The bilayer sheets fold themselves to form closely sealed vesicles (nanospheres) encasing the nutrient molecules.


Structure of Liposome

The size of liposomes range from some 30-300 nm

Aurora Nutrascience incorporates a unique proprietary multistage manufacturing process to produce a superior grade liposomal based products. Statistics have established that a key to high efficacy is varied liposome sizes within a range which help to facilitate a high bioavailability of the encapsulated nutrient. An essential characteristic of the Aurora Nutrascience process assures that the liposomes are created in a constant range within oxygen free environment maintaining repeatability and strict high level of Quality Control.