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exoFlex 00000

exoFlex™ works by providing Biova, LLC’s egg membrane ‘BiovaFlex™’along with select nutraceutical gradenutrients and antioxidants into a liquid form. BiovaFlex™ has demonstrated to ‘Reduce Joint Pain’ and increase ‘Range of Motion’ in clinical studies submitted toHealth Canada.This potent formula can assist the body to neutralize and decrease the free radicaldamage while helping to create the building blocks required to aid in reducing inflammation. exoFlex™ can also help to promote the rehydration and restoration of essential joint fluids and tissue, thus improving your overall joint health and quality of life.

exoFlex™ is the smarter, scientifically created, all-natural, drug-free solution for people with stress related inflammation, osteoarthritis or tendinitis and other degenerative joint problems!

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