Aurora Liposomal Supplements

At Aurora Nutrascience, we incorporate a unique proprietary multistage process to produce our premium grade liposomal based supplements. Through this process, we maintain a strict high level of ‘Quality Control’. You can be assured that our products are manufactured to the highest standards without compromise!

Our supplements are created from all natural phosphatidylcholine nutrient-filled liposome nanospheres made from NON-GMO Soy Lecithin. These liposomes encapsulate and protect the water soluble supplement molecules that help facilitate a more efficient transition through the digestive system and are absorbed more readily into the bloodstream.

We take pride in the fact that we use only 100% ‘Certified Organic’ pure natural fruit flavoring and 100% ‘Certified Gluten Free’ stevia sweetener to create our great taste.

Our liposomal supplements has the potential to significantly increase the bioavailability of supplement in the body’s cells allowing for Mega Dosing without gastric distress associated with traditional high oral doses of our liposomal supplements.

Conventional supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream by approximately 18% and the balance remains in the colon attracting water creating loose bowels. Our liposomal suplements by contrast are resistant to gastric acids and protects the supplement's molecules from oxidative degradation while shielding your lower G.I. tract thereby eliminating gastric upset or the associated diarrheal.

Our liposomal supplements move through the stomach unharmed passing through the intestinal walls, transported to the liver and is absorbed into the bloodstream in an un-oxidized and unmodified state. Liposomal delivery facilitates a significant increase in the absorption and bioavailability of our supplements by +90% as measured in the bloodstream.

Mega-Liposomal R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Aurora's Mega-Liposomal 750mg R-Alpha Lipoic Acid was designed for those consumers looking to get the maximum amount of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid support available in a supplement. In fact the only way to get higher doses currently available is through direct IV injections, a costly and time consuming option. Each bottle contains a 32 day supply of 750mg per daily dose.

Micro-Liposomal R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Our new Micro 250mg was created for those seeking a high quality daily maintenance 250mg R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. Each bottle contains a months supply of 250mg daily dose.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size1 tbsp / 15ml5ml
Servings Per Container3232
Amount % DV*   % DV*
Calories 27 9
Fat 3g 0% 1g 0%
Saturated 0g 0% 0g 0%
+Trans 0g 0% 0g 0%
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 750mg ** 250mg **
1200mg ** 400mg **
Other Ingredients: Distilled Water, Phospholipids from NON-GMO Soy Lecithin, Stevia, Natural Flavors, Stevia, Citric Acid and Organic Maltodextrin / Organic Cultured Dextrose (as a natural preservative).
* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. ** Daily value not established.

Why R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Typical oral ingested supplements lose up to 90% of their potency before they enter the bloodstream. Liposomal Alpha R-Lipoic Acid delivers up to 90% of its potency to the bloodstream, making it up to 13.5 times stronger than a typical 200 mg pill or capsule! Our new Aurora Mega Dose Alpha R-Lipoic Acid is a powerful 750 mg per dose system, each bottle containing 32! The result is one of the strongest, yet least expensive per dose Alpha R-Lipoic Acid product on the market. 

Alpha-Lipoic Acid comes in two forms—the active R-Lipoic acid and the less active S-Lipoic acid. Most supplement manufacturers offer a mixture of the two forms because it's cheaper to produce. You can get some benefit from it, but researchers have found that the human body prefers the more biologically active form of the nutrient-R-Lipoic Acid. R-Lipoic Acid is the form use exclusively in the new Aurora Nutrascience Liposomal.

The Scientific community is fast recognizing the powerful anti-oxidant effects this supplements appears to possess, along with its synergistic effect on other essential nutrients. A list of reported benefits of this remarkable supplement are as follows:


One of the underlying problems in diabetes is oxidative stress and the production of free radicals. These free radicals circulate in the body, attacking and damaging tissues. Since people with diabetes have high glucose levels, they are more prone to oxidative stress, which may contribute to the long-term complications of the disease.


Evidence now suggests that Lipoic Acid may be critical for not only maintaining optimal blood sugar levels by helping the body to use glucose, but also for supporting insulin sensitivity and key aspects of cardiovascular health, such as endothelial function.


Lipoic Acid may offer promise in supporting optimal visual health.

As adults grow older, they become more vulnerable to developing cataracts, opacities of the lens that cloud sight. Scientists believe that lipoic acid may confer this benefit by increasing levels of essential endogenous antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase.


Given its strong ability to neutralize the damaging effects of oxidative stress, Lipoic Acid is the subject of intense study in preventing free radical damage to the neurological system.

Important Notice: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Aurora Nutrascience Inc. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *Liposomal supplements deliver up to 90% of the supplement to the bloodstream, This means our Liposomal 3000mg Vitamin C serving delivers up to 2700mg to the bloodstream. Typical pill form supplements only deliver up to 20% of the supplement to the blood stream. This means the effective dose of a pill form 1000mg Vitamin C only actually delivers an approximate 200mg to the bloodstream! A single dose of Aurora liposomal 3000mg Vitamin C is up to 13.5 times stronger! Liposomal technology allows the supplement to bypass the gastric system virtually untouched, results in a more efficient absorption rate, and avoids the unpleasant nauseas side effect common in pill form supplements.